Smell the Tactical Nylon


Webbingbabel is the definitive guide to the Real Tactical Nylon

We will try our best to : 

Present accurate information about tactical equipment carried by military personell
Analize military kits through the ages until the high-tech kit of a modern conflict
Display old school gear and rare items

Sun Tzu and Alexander would be incompetent on the modern battlefield

What does Webbingbabel mean ? 

Babel is from hebrew old stem-word "Balal" wich stands for Mix,Confuse and Webbing is used to make military belts , packs and pouches , and by extension also refers to the items themselves

 It's been a good name for us, and it can be pronounced in every language.

WEBBINGBABEL : Webbing Confusion

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Web Gear
Battlefield Medicine
Webbing Systems
Clothing / Uniforms
Gear / Equipment
Something Else
Eating Utensils
Camelback / Hydration
Sleeping Bags
Canteens / Waterbottles
First Aid Kits


 Paraclete ( A - K ) Paraclete ( L - Z )

Backpacks / Rucksacks
Webbing Systems
Chest Rigs 
Load Carrier Vests 
Pouch / Pockets
Mag Pouches 
Camelback / Hydration

All Military Individual Mess Kits

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