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German Army Combat Carrying System - BW Koppeltragesatz

German Army  Webbing System  "5 Piece Support System"

BW Koppeltragesystem
Material:600D Cordura

Directly based on the Canadian carrier system M1982, which was revised in 1986-1990 studied in different models A, B, C and D. The first models were dark green in color. Was finally accepted in the 90s modified version of the C Frabe Flecktarn "B".

It consists of: belt, carrying strap, multifunction Multifunction-pocket sleeve feldflasche and Entrenchement Tool. The support system is completely adjustable and allows the addition of any existing bushings and gears BW. Pouch to belt switched plastic pins into the holes in the metal. Multifunctional pouch is also available in olive color. Belt, however, because its thickness is not possible to fix almost any outfit from the system or ALICE PLCE. Magazine pouches G3 / G36 are not part of the basic carrier system.

Num. Description  NSN
1 (ea) Tragegurt / Schultergurt
Shoulder Straps -Suspenders
1 (ea) Hüftgurt, Lochkoppel für Tragesystem 
Waist belt, pistol belt for carrying system
Belt (80/100 cm)
Belt (90/110) 
Belt (100/120) 
Belt (110/130)

1 (ea) Mehrzwecktasche
Multipourpose Bag, Butt Pack
1 (ea) Feldflaschentasche
Water Bottle Pouch
1 (ea) Klappspatentasche
Carrier Intrenching

Tragegurt - Sholder Straps 

Hüftgurt, Lochkoppel für Tragesystem - Waist Belt

Mehrzwecktasche - Multipourpose Bag 

Trinkflaschentasche - Water Bottle Pouch 

Spatentasche - Shovel Pouch 

Num. Description NSN
2 (ea) Magazintaschen G3 / G3 Mag Pouch 8465-12-327-9245
1 (ea) Magazintasche MP 2 / Mag Pouch MP2 (UZI) 8465-12-327-9246
1 (ea) Pistolentasche P1 (P38) / Holster Pistol 8465-12-327-9247
1 (ea) G3 Zielfernrohr / G3 Rifle Scope Case 8465-12-327-9248
1 (ea) Taschenleuchtentasche / Pocket Torch Pouch 8465-12-327-9251
1 (ea) Oberschenkelholster P8 / Leg Holster
1 (ea) G36 Magazintasche 1 Mag / Mag Pouch 8465-12-338-8692

G36 Magazintasche - 1 mag

NSN : 8465-12-338-8692

In addition (depending to your function) you can mount two magazine-pouches (left and right beside the beltbuckle), pistolholster + magazine-pouch, combat knife (KM 2000), pouches for riflegrenades, smoke grenades, utility pouches etc. on the hipbelt and shoulderstraps.

Instead oft he US American ALICE Clips we use special clips on our belt-system (see following illustrations):

Magazintasche MP 2
NSN : 8465-12-327-9246 
Gewicht komplett: ca. 95 g
Farbe: flecktarn

NSN : 8465-12-327-9253

NSN : 8465-12-328-1692

Field pack
NSN : 8465-12-328-2178

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