Saturday, September 28, 2013

Army Eating Utensils

Utensils usually consist of forks, knives, and spoons, as at home, but may be replaced by specialty items like sporks or folding chopsticks. Kits usually come with either folding handles or a detachable handle which can be used with other cookware. Items are stored compactly by nesting them in other components (like a Russian doll); the whole kit may be placed in a stuff sack.

Portuguese Army WWII Spoon and Fork
German Field Eating Utensil - Eßbesteck
Spanish Army Utensils
Finnish Army Fork-Spoon - SA-lusikkahaarukka Primus Folding Spork - Video
German Army Eating Utensils - BW-Besteck
Italian Army Eating Utensils 60s
SADF Army Metal Eating Utensils Set

Bosnia and Herzegovina Armed Forces Cutlery
Austrian Army Knife, Fork & Spoon Set
Russian Army / USSR Cutlery Set
Canadian Army KFS / Kit, Food Serving
Wehrmacht Göffel / WW2 German Army Spork
Polish Army Eating Utensils 1950s / 1960s
Polish Army Eating Utensils 1970s / 1990s


Australian Army Vietnam era Plastic Drinking Cup M.E. 1973
Trioxane Fuel Bar Canteen Cup Field Stove.
US Army Stand Stove for Canteen Cup
Military Mountain Cook Frying Pan 1967
SADF Army, Shaving Bowl/ "Spoeg Bak"
Vietnam War , Rations Can Made into a Water Cup
US Army Canteen Cup 1953
Israel Defense Forces Personal Combat Field Plastic Plate
Australian Army Water Bottle Cup
Australian Army WW1 Lighthorse Metal Cup
IDF British Mess Kit , Israel Made

US Army WW 2 Hexamine C Ration Heating Tablets
U.S. Army Tin Cup 1874-Pattern
IDF Army/Navy Mess Kit

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