Saturday, September 15, 2012

Czech Army Flashlight MY DAY - česká baterka MY DAY

Svítilna AČR
Svítilna AČR tři signální barvy OLIV
česká baterka MY DAY
baterku typ MY DAY
Svítilna CZ
Známá česká baterka MY DAY
Svítilna AČR tři signální
Czech Army Signal Lamp three color


 Photo Credit : Here

Photo : Here

Famous Czech flashlight MY DAY. three colors, blue, red and green / can be intermixed / supplied without bulbs and without battery holder replacement bulb inside Powered by two 1.5 V batteries strap for fastening the belt switch from options Morse Material: Steel, plastic, paper, glass

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  1. Hi I had one of this but still don't no what it is for and how much I can sell it can I have help