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German Army Emergency Drinking Water - Bundeswehr Trinkwasser Notration

German Army  Emergency Drinking Water
Bundeswehr Trinkwasser Notration
Trinkwasser als Notration 
Bundeswehr EPA - Einmannpackung

Army emergency ration drinking water 500ml

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Gregory-Chemie GmbH Emergency drinking water / drinking canned [500ml]

Can be stored at temperatures from -50 to +70 degrees. Even after repeated freezing and thawing remain the sensory properties and the water quality standard. The drinking water is optimally adapted to preserve the self-sufficiency in emergencies and disasters. Especially naval and air forces find safe drinking canned application. Of course, the canned drinking water are also suitable for the preparation of freeze-dried ready meals / food expedition.

Drinking water as emergency rations
The modest storage simplifies storage for emergencies in which an ordinary drinking water supply is not guaranteed. Storage and use in home, car, boat, caravan and camping and / or other situations in which a civilization is to prevent failure. Canned drinking water are also used in the military, emergency services and life rafts.

Ingredients / Ingredients:

Water (drinking water). No chlorine taste.

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