Wednesday, January 28, 2015



This is an older version of the Phoenix
WITHOUT the molle webbing on front.
The frameless, padded BLACKHAWK! Phoenix Pack features contoured shoulder straps with a detachable sternum strap and torso lumbar support. An internal pouch on the backside of the pack fits an optional 100 oz. BLACKHAWK! Hydration System. The pack’s main compartment has two internal securing straps and a pair of utility gear attachment straps. Features: Constructed of heavy-duty 1000 denier nylon; ventilating back panel; silent zipper pulls; weapon lock system lined with HawkTex; external side compression straps; reinforced drag/carry handle.
Includes two sets of securing straps for attaching (ground mat, sleeping bag, etc.Not included);
and D-rings for equipment attachment on “S” shoulder straps.
The kidney/waist straps are sewn to the pack, & are not removable.


NSN : 8465-01-575-3538
DATE : 29-JUN-09

Pouch Grid Reference Guide GRG Chest 500D Crye.

Monday, January 26, 2015

US Army Nonpneumatic Combat Tourniquet

Tourniquet, Nonpneumatic
NSN : 6515-00-383-0565
Date : 01-JAN-63

Material Brass, bronze or steel fastening device
Material Webbing, cotton strap ERR-100 ERR-100
Strap Length 41.500 inches minimum and 42.500 inches maximum
Strap Width 1.469 inches minimum and 1.531 inches maximum
Fastening Device Type Buckle W/spring-tensioned toothed clamp and cushioning pad
Part Name Assigned BY Controlling Agency Tourniquet nonpneumatic 41.50-42.50X1.469-1.531" camouflaged

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Marine Corps Close Quarters Battle Equipment - CQBE Assault Suit

Assault Suit Componentes 

NSN : 8415-01-428-2341

The Assault Suit (AS) provides the individual Marine with protection from high temperatures 
and /or flash fires which may be encountered while conducting Close Quarters Battle (CQB)
missions .The AS consists of a fire resistant one piece assault suit , a pair of combat vehicle crewmen's (CVC) gloves and balaclava

Assault Suit 

Description and Function 

Fire resistant coveralls that provides protection from high heat and flash fires that may be encountered while conducting close quarter battle . Made from 6 oz NOMEX IIIA fabric that features elastic waistband , belt loops , and zipper front . Zipper closures are located in the lower pants legs , breast pocket and pockets on the arm sleeves . Color is sage green . Available in 15 sizes .One suit is issued with each Assault Suit . Note: Use Flyers Coveralls as suitable substitute .

Assault Suit 

Size Height Range Chest Size
X-Small , Short  below 71 in.below 33 in.
X-Small , Regular71 to 74 in. below 33 in.
X-Small , Long   Over 74 in.below 33 in.
Small , Short    below 74 in.33 to 37 in.
Small , Regular 71 to 74 in. 33 to 37 in.
Small , Long   Over 74 in.33 to 37 in.
Medium , Short below 67 in.37 to 41 in.
Medium , Regular 71 to 74 in. 37 to 41 in.
Medium , Long  Over 74 in.37 to 41 in.
Large , Short     below 67 in.41 to 45 in.
Large , Regular 71 to 74 in. 41 to 45 in.
Large , Long    Over 74 in.41 to 45 in.
X-Large , Short  below 67 in.Over 45 in.
X-Large , Regular71 to 74 in. Over 45 in.
X-Large , Long  Over 74 in.Over 45 in.

Flyers' Coveralls Suitable Substitutes


X-Small , Short  32 SHORT8415-01-351-0316
X-Small , Regular32 REG   8415-01-351-0317
X-Small , Long   32 LONG  8415-01-351-0319
Small , Short    36 SHORT 8415-01-351-0320 
Small , Regular 36 REG   8415-01-351-0321
Small , Long   36 LONG8415-01-351-0322
Medium , Short 40 SHORT8415-01-351-0326
Medium , Regular 40 REG    8415-01-351-0327
Medium , Long  40 LONG  8415-01-351-0328
Large , Short     44 SHORT 8415-01-351-0332
Large , Regular 44 REG    8415-01-351-0333
Large , Long    44 LONG 8415-01-351-0334
X-Large , Short  48 SHORT8415-01-351-0335
X-Large , Regular48 REG  8415-01-351-0338
X-Large , Long  48 LONG 8415-01-351-0339


Color is Sage Green . One Balaclava is issued with each Assault Suit
Size : One size fits all

Gloves (CVC) 
Gloves Combat Vehicle Crewman's

Size Lenght Index Finger NSN 
53-7/16 in.8415-01-074-9428
63-1/2 in. 8415-01-074-9429
73-9/16 in. 8415-01-074-9430
83-5/8 in.8415-01-074-9431
93-11/16 in.8415-01-074-9432
103-3/4 in.8415-01-074-9433
113-13/16 in.8415-01-074-9434

Flyer's Gloves Suitable Substitutes

Size Lenght of Index Finger NSN 
53-7/16 in.8415-01-040-2012
63-1/2 in. 8415-01-040-1453
73-9/16 in. 8415-01-040-0109
83-5/8 in.8415-01-040-0111
93-11/16 in.8415-01-040-0112
103-3/4 in.8415-01-040-0113
113-13/16 in.8415-01-040-0116

Friday, January 23, 2015

London Bridge Trading LBT 1732 for M60E3

London Bridge Trading Co. M60/Mk 48 308 LMG ammo belt pouch, known as the LBT 1732. This was designed for the Navy SEALs to carry 400 rounds of 308 rifle ammo belted up for use for the M60E3. Extra heavy duty Cordura Nylon in Olive Drab . Includes removeable ammo bag with double compartments, Padded fannie pack belt, and LBE padded shoulder straps to allow mounting the bag vertically for feed ammo belts like the predator back packs.

Used LBTC 1732 7.62 / 308 Mk 48 / M60 E4 pouch in great condition. This is in green (discontinued). Obviously this pouch carries 400 rounds for the Mk 48. Set up is complete with all of the straps and buckles in good working order. Hard setup to find.

London Bridge LBT Escape & Evasion Kit Pouch

Rare Old School Gen 1 London Bridge Trading LBT Escape & Evasion/Survival/Medical Kit Pouch. Olive Drab (OD) Green.Main compartment heavy duty zipper secured. Front compartment Velcro secured. Measures approximately 8 x 6.5 x 3.5 inches. Belt/attachment points at the rear. Made in the United States.