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Australian Army Auscam ALICE Pack Medium

Australian Army Auscam ALICE Pack 
Australian army auscam backpack/Alice pack
1980s, 1990s

9 external pouches with drawstring and fastex clip closure (2 x sml pouches, 4 x south african pouches, 2 x ration pack pouches, 1 x claymore pouch on lid)
ET attachment point
75 Ltr capacity
Drainage holes on all pouches
Divided sleeping bag stuff sack compartment will fit sleeping bag and bivvy bag and allow external access to equipment.
Manufactured from all millspes materials and fittings
Constructed from 1000 denier cordura
Made in Australia

Australian Army Platatac Bullock Echo MKII Back Pack

Platatac Bullock Echo Mk II
NSN : 8465-66-160-4474

  • 1x Platatac Bullock Echo Mk II
  • 1x Set of Echo Series Shoulder Straps
Welcome to the next generation of tactical gear.
Based on the Echo Hydration Pack, the Bullock Echo incorporates a built in mesh lined Ballistic Helmet Carrier with added external pockets. Of course, the Bullock Echo has full external MOLLE attachment points, including inside the helmet carrier itself.
Much like the Echo Hydration Pack, the Bullock Echo bridges the gap between Hydration Carriers and Day Packs and with multiple carriage options including Removable Shoulder Straps, MOLLE on capability and compatibility with Platatac MOLLE on Zips, this is a bit of kit that every soldier should have in their arsenal.
Improvements made over the original design include internal (removable) mesh pocket for valuables, Velcro fields, a new lightweight and strong pack backing and included (removable) shoulder straps.


  • Main compartment dimensions 360mm (H) x 200mm (W) x 115mm (D)
  • Weighs 1.02Kg
  • 10L day/patrol pack
  • 3 Harness Options
    • Removable Shoulder Straps with Removable Sternum Strap
    • MOLLE onto your rig or field pack for extra space
    • Zip on/off using our Short Assault Panel (additional item, sold separately)
  • Full MOLLE exterior for attachment of extra pouches
  • Internal Bladder Sleeve with Velcro Tab to hold bladder upright when it's close to empty
  • Removable internal zippered mesh compartment
  • Lightweight and strong Helium Whisper backing to increase weight capacity
  • Fixed Ballistic Helmet Carrier with External Zippered Pocket
  • 2x Side Utility Pouch (zippered)
  • 150x75mm  Loop tab for IFF and other Patches e.g. Nametag
  • Reinforced Drag/Carry Handle
  • Drainage Grommets
  • Double stitched and bar tacked on all major seams
  • Made from 500 denier nylon
  • NSN 8465-66-160-4474 (Multicam)

Australian Army SORD Large Field Pack

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The SORD field pack (3 day plus) has been developed and put together with over 30 years of military pack experience. The pack has been designed and manufactured at our factory facility in Melbourne, Australia. The 1606T polymer frame has been imported direct from the USA.

Pack Layout: 

The spacious main top compartment is contoured around the pack frame to maintain as close to normal centre of gravity as possible yet is large enough large enough for all your miscellaneous personal equipment ranging from communications, weapon CES, clothing etc. Separated by an internal zippered divider, the bottom compartment is large enough for sleeping equipment such as your sleeping bag in a bivvy or can be left open for longer items. Access to the lower half is via a single flap lid with external MOLLE for the attachment of additional equipment and the capability of running a hydration cover down either side of the pack. The main access lid and sleeping bay lid both have a adjustable draw string closure with para-cord and barrel locks for additional retention and weather protection. An M18A1 Claymore antipersonnel weapon pouch is fixed on the top of the lid compartment for quick access. The Claymore pouch will comfortably accommodate one weapon with all test equipment, cable and firing device in its issue bag. Under the lid is also a wide mesh zippered pouch for personal admin items. Total size of the SORD Field Pack is approx 80 litres internally.


The contoured shoulder straps transfer the weight effectively across the back and over the shoulders providing additional comfort over old ALICE style packs. The hardened foam padding minimises sagging, hot spots and bunching by dispersing the weight over a greater area. Open back ventilation area provides breatheability to the system better for hot and or tropical climates. The field pack straps are adjustable for height and includes chest snap and two 'tri glides' for better stability for stretcher carries..

Removable External Pouches The SORD Field pack comes complete with four molle accessories pouches that can be attached to suit the operators needs.

The SORD large field pack utilises the latest 1606T solid polymer frame ratesd to 100kg direct from the USA. The primary design advance is the re-curved load stabilizer bar that spans the wearer’s shoulders. This bar cradles the load at the optimum balance point for lateral load stability while effectively distributing pressure over the shoulders and down to the hips. Because the stabilizer bar is located at the torsion node point created by the shoulders and hips twisting the frame in opposite directions while the wearer walks, the bar does not pitch the load side to side; the cradling ends of the bar only roll on the latitudinal axis.

Frame Features:

- Compact & Lightweight
- 28% lighter and 2" shorter than the #1603 frame while still stably supporting loads up to 100KG.
- Made from a new polymer for superior field durability.
- The backward curving stabilizer bar design also creates ample room for the wearer’s arms to move backward for improved range of arm motion.
- Numerous attachment points as well as two built-in jam cleats.
- Impact resistant, capable of surviving 32 fps impacts with concrete fully loaded (55KG)

Standard issue MOLLE large shoulder and belt pad sets can be used with the #1606MM frame. The Lid Claymore pouch will hold one complete weapon in bag. The Sleeping bag compartment has drawstring throat closure. External lid-face is molle covered and the main compartment opening has double drawstring choke closure.Note: Custom orders in other patterns are possible but first call us to discuss availability and lead time.

- 80 litre internal capacity
- 10 litre (each) large side pouches
- External 1606T solid polymer frame
- Made from 1000D Cordura

Australian Army Crossfire DG-3 Long Range Pack

Way back in the early ‘80’s Ian Maley of WE designed the famous SAS – Mk6 rucksack. It was the most advanced military pack of its day, with a live frame and ergonomic harness.

Ten – twenty years later many loyal SAS – Mk6 users started coming to us as their much loved packs approached the end of their service lives.

We commissioned Mr Maley to bring the pack up to date, using all his years of industry experience and in the light of feedback from thousands of users.

The result of our R&D investment is the Dukz Gutz of military packs, the DG-3. In performance it equals the finest of mountaineering packs, in military features it is unequalled.

A brilliant design, superbly executed.


  • Flexible Frame.
    Aircraft alloy frame flexes with the human back to allow for a natural gait. Hips and shoulders can move independently. The flex cancels the sway on rigid frame packs which is so fatiguing to shoulder muscles.
  • Shock from jumps and falls is absorbed by the spring tempered frame minimising spinal stresses.
  • Harness.
    Finest construction and ergonomics. Laminated from no less than 7 layers of technical materials to ensure ventilation, load distribution and personal fit. Structural elements maintain shape under heavy loads and prolonged use. Memory materials mould to the wearer’s shape. Free-2-Air® body contact mesh for ventilation and cooling. Adjustable, elasticised sternum strap.
  • Shoulder Strap QR.
    CrossFire exclusive low profile QR buckles. Solid under load, super swift release. Security lock off.
  • Mega Duckbill buckle for easy adjustment on donning and doffing. PLEASE NOTE: None of our packs use the manifestly inadequate expedient of a 1″ side release buckle in this role. Dangerous and improper usage.
  • Drag Handle.
    Heavily reinforced and big enough for hand grip or krab.
  • Hip Fins.
    CBA Compatible. Hip loading is a vital feature for heavy hauling. However, CBA and belt order are incompatible with conventional hip belts. Our elegant solution is hip fins which can be swung upwards and stowed. In this position they still provide support while allowing clearance for belt order. Should there be a need to wear bulky CBA the padding can be removed from the fins for better clearance. This feature is also useful when operating out of cramped aircraft or vehicles. Stowing hip fins greatly reduces the nuisance of belt and buckles snagging on seats or tripping up your colleagues.
  • Dust Proofing / Waterproofing.
    Top Compartment. Roll top is simple and fast to use. It’s the first line of defence against dust and dew. In the unfortunate event that you must overload, the sleeve allows secure stowage above the shoulder line
  • Sleeping Bag Compartment.
  • Outer closure by roll and snap. Inner liner is taped tent floor nylon.
  • Top Lid. Shaped for snag free movement through scrub. Zipped claymore pocket.
  • Side Compression Straps. Two each side. One top centre.
  • MOLLE.
    Our distinctive 20 / 25 MOLLE on back and sides make it easy to attach any make of PALS pouches or pockets. 20/25 allows a few millimetres clearance between pack and pouch horizontal webbing when inserting PALS straps on all makes of pouches .  It  is faster and easier to  thread and makes a neater attachment
  • LA Rings. For attachment of extra straps to carry external loads.
  • X Buckles. We chose to use X buckles for various closures and strap adjustments. These latest generation buckles have many detail improvements over previous styles.
    Crush (boot heel) resistant reinforced walls.
    Reinforced ‘fingers’ can’t be inserted incorrectly.
    Improved approach angle for one handed closing.
    Extra plate thickness for strength.
    Field replaceable via LA rings.
Volume: (packed to shoulder level): 75 litres
Colours: Coyote, DPCU, Olive Green.

Spare Parts

Just in case you do manage to lose or break buckles, you’ll find spares in an inside pocket. Is this not impressive attention to detail?
Weight: 4.5kg
Volume: 75 Litres

Australian Army Crossfire DG-1 Sniper Pack

DG-1 Sniper Pack, 60L 3-day Assault Pack

From day pack to 72 hr Patrol Pack.


Tapered shape. Low profile but roomy.
Rear CBR pocket with dust closure.
Side pockets. Outside and under flaps.
Top Pocket.
Radio and hydration pouches. Removable by LA fasteners.
Hip fins. Removable for storage in confined spaces.
Ventilated mesh back.
Removable frame.
Ventilated contoured harness with Q.R.
Compression straps.
Crush resistant, field replaceable x buckles.

Colours: DPCU , Green 

Weight 3.15 kg
Dimensions .55 x .32 x .2 cm


1000D cordura for the pack body.
Steel rings for the Lost Arrow attachment system.
Fastex clips are field replaceable due to the proprietary Lost Arrow system that Crossfire uses.
The harness is lined with a canvas material. I’m sure how this works to allow air circulation, to prevent heat build-up and chafing.

Australian Army Crossfire DG-8 SF


The DG-8 SF is built tough. Crossfire claim that it’s designed to last and they don’t exaggerate. The quality in the materials and workmanship is excellent. It’s a complex design with a ton of features that cater for professional soldiers’ needs.

The rucksack is made from 1000D Cordura and can be split into two interior compartments. The bottom houses a sealed dry bag style sleeping bag compartment with roll top closure. The sleeping bag compartment can be accessed via a side opening without having to go through the top of the pack. It has ample room for a loose bivy bag and a 3-4 season sleeping bag. The main top compartment is massive. The walls have large netting pockets sewn in place for arranging gear internally. The pack comes with a radio harness and water bladder pouch that are detachable and an extra large dry bag. The interior of the lid has an internal pouch with spare parts in case you have a blow out in the field. Admittedly I don’t get impressed easily by kit but this level of detail is pretty cool.

There are six external pouches sewn in place and an entrenching tool pouch on the lower front. The four small pouches are big enough to fit SADF two litre water bottles. Some guys prefer their large field packs to be modular (have Molle/PALS webbing for attaching pouches). I find that with large modular packs I always try to re-create the same pouch configuration. I was immediately happy with the DG-8’s layout so I’ve had no issues with lack of flexibility. I don’t find this the case with smaller assault packs (40-60 litres) because modularity can greatly assist in scaling up or down load carrying ability subject to tasking.

Product Specs

Dimensions: 62cm (H) x 32cm (W) x 26-34cm (D)
Volume: 130L or 7,933 cubic inches (packed to shoulder level) 110 litres 130 litres with pouches
Weight: 5.20 kg

Colours: Tan, DPCU
Accessories: Large dry bag, radio harness, water bladder carrier, spare buckles and straps

Australian Army Crossfire DG6 Ausnice Infantry Pack

Crossfire DG-6

Product Description

Here is the last word in Infantry Packs. A collaborative effort from Mystery Ranch, WE and Crossfire.
We are building on decades of design expertise. We’ve listened hard to soldier feedback. And we’ve leant very hard on the best pack designers in the world (all four of them).

In general design, the DG-6 rucksack is based upon the same format as the Mystery Ranch 6500, scaled down to suit the volume, with many smaller details added. This is part of the licensed business alliance between Mystery Ranch and Crossfire.

The DG-6 comes with an improved daypack lid. The pack lid is a detachable item that can be used as a small daypack. It could conceivably be used as an Escape and Evasion bag for those moments when immediate survival items are needed. It is secured to the pack frame via lockable fastex clips at top and bottom and has a harness system tucked away in a pocket for immediate use.

Mystery Ranch AUSNICE Carbon Fibre frame and Futura harness system.
Mystery Ranch have  ‘Australianised’ their famous NICE frame at our request.
AUSNICE has better compatibility with belt order , enhanced fit and reinforcements.
It also has all the load carriage sophistication of a live frame with the versatility of an interchangeable platform.
All specialist Mystery Ranch packs (Comms, Medical, Heavy Support etc) are interchangeable on the AUSNICE frame.
The Futura harness is available in three interchangeable sizes to fit 95% of soldiers, including female. For custom fittting give us a call.
For a fuller explanation of the Mystery Ranch design concept, have a look at
  • DG- 6 Pack Bag.
    We listened to all our thoughtful soldier friends , then blended the most popular features from DG-3, DG-8 and many experimental packs.
  • Detachable Day Pack lid. A Bug Out Bag, Claymore Pouch and pocketed lid all in one.
  • ID patch.
  • Drawstring top closure to keep the dust out.
  • Internal compression strap to keep load close to your centre of gravity.
  • Multiple external compression straps with extra lashing.
  • Patch pockets to stabilise long objects.
  • RatPack sized pockets with double closures.
  • Slot pocket to hide ET tool. Handle keeper between pockets.
  • Compression compartment for sleeping bag.
  • Removeable divider.
  • Optional BVS Body armour bolsters lock the pack over armour plate.
  • Internal hangers for optional radio and hydration pouches.
  • Multiple internal mesh organizer pockets.
  • Top and side zip radio access.

ITEM: DG-6 AUSNICE Infantry Pack
MANUFACTURER: Crossfire Australia
An 85 litre, general purpose combat pack with external pockets using the NICE Frame.
The new DG-6 is kindly supplied by Crossfire Australia.
I have received no financial compensation for the review of this item. I have done the review (like many with supplied equipment) with the proviso that I will be painfully honest in my assessment of this item.
This is the latest incarnation of the Crossfire general purpose combat pack.
My previous review of the old version of this pack can be found here:

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to take this pack out scrub, due to the vagaries of real life.

Height – 90cm
Length – 50cm
Width – 40cm
Volume – 85L (at the shoulder)
Weight – 4.5kg